By the Author who
predicted the
Costa Concordia
cruise ship disaster

M.L. Meier
with Best Selling Author
Deborah DeNicola




Based on true events, this novel/exposé unveils the criminal underbelly of the international cruise line industry, and the filthy little secrets they don't want you to know . . .

On August 22nd 2008, M. L. Meier joined an international cruise ship as an officer in Vancouver, Canada. Susan agonized over his decision to take the assignment. Her intuition convinced her that he was about to be hurled into a web of lies, deception and inescapable danger. She was in love with him, and she was in no way mistaken.

Michael Moran has moved back to Florida after a punishing 20 years owning a nightclub. At 48 years old, this was the fresh start he had been dreaming of. He had nothing to tie him down now. Within weeks he applies for a position with the cruise lines then, unexpectedly, meets the girl of his dreams, Susan. Suddenly, he's got the job and the girl. The cruise line insists he must join the ship in Alaska A.S.A.P. He promises her he will return. But is the cruise the biggest mistake of his life? Susan's intuition tells her Mike's assignment is riddled with uncertainty and impending danger.

Moran soon discovers from his newly befriended shipmates, Rick, the ship's Head Bartender, and Hadji, the ship's newspaper editor, he has joined a "troubled ship." His predecessor has "disappeared" and the ship is in CODE RED as The Norwalk Virus slithers its way though the mammoth vessel. Fellow Officers are involved in a murderous cover-up and the virus is the least of it. From half-a-world away, Susan desperately tries to warn him that his life is in jeopardy, but she is too late. Michael Moran finds himself trapped aboard a floating nightmare.



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